We are calling for James Madison University and the JMU Foundation to divest from the fossil fuel industry. The nations of the world have agreed upon 2 degrees Celsius as being the maximum allowable increase in global temperatures, and as of the COP 21 Climate Summit agreement, are striving to keep average warming below 1.5 degrees. The fossil fuel industry has enough carbon reserves to send us well over either figure, and indeed their recent spending on expanding their reserves indicate that they intend to not only sell all of their current reserves but even more, forcing us into a more than dangerous future. For JMU to accrue further profit from this industry is tantamount to supporting it. As such, it is clear what JMU must do to maintain integrity with its own vision and the words of its own name sake James Madison: divest James Madison University from the fossil fuel industry.

Read more about our campaign here.

Sign our petition here.

To join our campaign send us an email at: divestjmu@gmail.com

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