Divest JMU proposal forwarded to endowment decisionmakers

divest sign.image

Thursday, January 12, 2016

 Rosie Lynch

BREAKING NEWS: After two years of dedicated efforts, Divest JMU student activists have achieved a landmark win for our campaign: on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 9:00 A.M., we will be presenting our proposal to divest JMU’s endowment from the Top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies to decision makers of the JMU Foundation, the entity responsible for managing our endowment, including Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Mr. Tom Schaeffer. This is huge for our campaign, as it means the JMU Foundation is taking our concerns seriously and willing to discuss ways to make this transition to a fossil free endowment both promptly and feasibly. Check out this article in the Breeze, written by Divest JMU’s Olivia Meyer for more on this exciting story.

There’s no better time to get involved in our efforts! We will need all the support we can get from students, faculty, and community members in the coming months as we work closely with the JMU Foundation officers and Board of Trustees to make a fossil free future a reality and place our beloved JMU on the RIGHT side of history. ‪#‎divestjmu‬

Read more in an editorial by Olivia Meyer : http://www.breezejmu.org/opinion/divest-jmu-is-taking-a-step-in-the-right-direction/article_48193084-ba52-11e5-a2c2-b7287ef881f8.html


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